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Village Nannies is a Cape Town based nanny and child minder placement agency. Established in 2003, Village Nannies has 19 years’ experience in the placement of domestic nannies and child carers employed to care for and stimulate children in the comfort and security of their own homes.

Parents can enjoy the convenience of having a nanny at an affordable price. You won't need to take your baby out early on a cold morning or fetch a tired child late in the afternoon. Imagine coming home and finding those time-consuming chores around the house are completed, while at the same time your children have been cared for by the very best in child care providers. Having a nanny can more than double your quality time with your children and with each other, making the whole experience a pleasure.

Whether you are looking for a live-in or live- out nanny, Village Nannies will locate exactly the right nanny for you!

Our nannies come to us through a range of sources and are all carefully screened before we consider placing them. The minimum requirement for us to consider placing a nanny is 12 months full- time experience in someone's home, caring for a child of 2 years or younger. This has to be a family with a similar standard of living to our client's.

While it is not an essential part of our screening process, we do recommend that nannies are trained once placed, ensuring that they have at least a First Aid certification. We are able to recommend some very good training courses for your nanny.